Photography and Philosophy
Upgrade your Street Photography skills

and stand out as a professional artist

Capture the


Photography and Philosophy
Much more than street photography

Give a meaning to your creativity

Find out how your art can help to make the world better

PhotoSophy: discover the course, the art, the book and be part of the change !

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1 – Introduction and Presentation

  • Course Structure
    •  9 modules
    • 2 videos per module
  • Photosophy
    • A meeting between PHOTOGRAPHY and PHILOSOPHY
    • For street photographers and human beings

2 – Awake your Intuition

  • Discern the Essential
    • See with your inner eyes
    • Pay attention, look around
  • Be Authentic, be Yourself
    • To discover oneself
    • To express our individuality

3 – Be an Artist

  • The Meaning of Art
    • Is Beauty fact or opinion?
    • Why do we need Art?
  • Being an Artist
    • Be an Artist and spread your message
    • Offer who you are through your creations

4 – Capture the Decisive Moment

  • Don’t Identify, don’t Recognizes
    • Give up the need to be in control
    • Let the inner self emerge
  • Be Open Minded: Accept Being Surprised
    • Don’t have a specific goal in mind
    • Use what the street offers you

5 – Use the Power of the Image

  • Shapes and Geometry
    • What matters is invisible to the eyes
    • Paradoxical tension
  • Perceive Reality Beyond the Appearances
    • Share the Universal: touch everyone’s heart
    • The golden ratio

6 – About Technique

  • A Classic Camera or a Smartphone?
    • Use the camera that works for you
  • Flash or not flash, B&W or Color?
    • Respect the Mystery.
    • Simplify; color is just another layer

7 – About what we meet in the street

  • Don’t be dependent on the circumstances
    • Everything can be interesting
  • It always depends on us
    • Expand your consciousness, don’t limit yourself

8 – About the photographer

  • Being a Channel
    • Our greatness lies in our transparency
    • To be behind the light, not in front of it
  • To Be or not to Be…
    • To BE and to emanate
    • Objectivity and subjectivity

9 – Conclusion … Where do We Go from Here?

  • Learn to BE LUCKY
    • Cartier-Bresson and the “Place de l’Europe”
  • Create, be meaningful, live!
    • Don’t be shy: promote your art!!
    • The Sky is the Limit…