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Decisive moment

A decisive moment is always a meaningful moment. It takes place in a fraction of a second. to To capture such a moment, therefore, is an art. You need intuition, perception of the harmony of proportions between the visual elements, and most of all, you need to let go of the conscious mind. Not to think. Not to try to understand. Not to interfere with the situation.

If you try to think and understand anything, then it is already too late. The magic is gone.

We all encounter such moments in our lives, but we usually don’t recognize them because we don’t pay attention. We are so confined to our own opinions and subjectivity that we have lost the ability to be moved by anything different.

And this does not refer only to different expressions of beauty. It includes everything that is different from what we already know. Anything that would drive us out of our “comfort zone”.

I believe that is why there are so many rifts and so much separation between us, human beings. Specific opinions, culture and feelings are not the problem. The problem is our inability to accept our differences and be conscious of them.

There will always be differences, and variety is essential. There’s no need for uniformity. In a way, we have already fallen into uniformity. It is urgent to recognize and accept our differences, and at the same time to put what unites us as human beings above these differences.

Union does not mean we have to share the same opinions. It means that we share some essential values which make us part of humanity. The need for beauty is one of these, and this is why art education is so important.

This historic moment challenges us, and I wonder if we are still able to recognize how decisive this moment may be in the history of humanity. Most of us, sadly, can’t. But for those who can, there is no alternative but to continue to fight for life.