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Vanishing into Infinity

We sometimes find ourselves taking a photo without being fully aware of what it was that caught our attention. We feel the proximity of something indefinable, evanescent, and yet very present. So we take the photo in an attempt to fix the invisible.

And when we look at the picture again later, we feel it again… But it’s still a mystery. So we move on, and a few days later we come back to it.

And each time the same sensation emerges, stronger and stronger, like an enigma that is revealed as time goes by. Sometimes, in a moment, the light appears, the veil is torn, and there is a sense of clarity: we seem to perceive part of the mystery. Like this woman on the ladder, who seems to be vanishing into infinity, which is symbolized by the Moebius’ spiral, the horizontal shape of the “eight”.

But in photography, a mystery is made to be contemplated and not to be explained. So I stop here.