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A Bridge to Cross

I am very fond of this photograph from the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary. There is a wall and a bridge in the picture. The wall is like a barrier, whereas the bridge allows us to cross, to reach the “other side”.

Who or what would be the figure that’s looking across, to the other side, with a child in her arms? All the elements are in place to allow each one of us to imagine, to build our own scenario and play it in our head.

The figure stands at the junction of the wall and the bridge, and it gives me the strange feeling of having to make a choice between the wall and the bridge. One thing seems certain: the figure is waiting. What for? We don’t know, but what I’ve noticed is that there’s a need to decide to stop waiting.

Choosing the wall means staying in the comfort of a well-known territory. It means, to accept our limits and to give up advancing towards the unknown, towards new experiences and new discoveries.

Picking the bridge means to advance. It always means possible mistakes as well, but we learn mainly from our errors, not from our successes. So, we shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes, because they are a source of growth in understanding and consciousness.

This is a choice we all have to make occasionally. We all reach a point where we have to decide whether we have had enough… or on the opposite, we wish to continue and conquer new challenges.

Those territories that we conquer aren’t physical. These are “spaces of consciousness”, and as long as we shall continue to expand our consciousness – i.e. choose the bridge- we will be alive.

Selecting the wall is to choose to put safety above everything else. It is selecting to survive instead of being alive.

I wish all of you to always remember that every wall is meant to be broken, because behind every wall there is a path…. be it a bridge or something else.

The alternative is simple: if you don’t break the wall, then the wall will break you. Don’t ever let that happen.