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The Cave of Illusions

This cave is the entrance to a mall in Tokyo. To enter a mall, in any country, is to find ourselves in a state of confusion: too many colors, too many sounds, too many offers, which are too often futile and illusory. When we become aware that we are in the centre of chaos, we quickly begins to look for the way out.

In this photograph, chaos and confusion are not even hidden, on the contrary- they are part of the attraction. They attract people, but why? Perhaps people want to escape the artificial order of everyday life, which is often the case in modern megacities, such as Tokyo.

Why look for an escape route in an illusion? Life follows a precise order and obeys the laws of nature. Chaos can momentarily break the routine of an everyday life that has become artificial, but it does not allow us to regain true order, the meaning of life, the ability to refocus and become fully aware of ourselves.

These caves are just a new version of artificial paradises. They appear to be less dangerous, and that is why they are much more treacherous. In order to escape from them, we all need a touch of Art and Philosophy.