Wisdom through the lens

A practical guide for photography as a mean for self transformation

More than an interest in photography, this book promotes philosophy, from behind the viewfinder of a camera. A staunch follower of philosophy in the applied sense, the author Pierre Poulain has taught philosophy and been a photographer for more than 25 years. To him they are not separate roads, but different expressions of the same search of wisdom, which expresses itself as beauty and aesthetic.

For the true philosopher learning about life does not happen only in the classroom, but more importantly life, with all its aspects, is the real school and teacher. Photography enables one to capture a moment of reality, and in it, the essence of truth.

Table of contents

  • The photographer, the camera and the Cosmos
  • The essential is invisible to the eyes
  • Seeing without recognizing
  • The decisive moment
  • Art and Photography
  • Can everything be shown? Must something be hidden?
  • Objectivity and subjectivity
  • Light and Shadow: the eternal duality
  • Single focal lenses: freedom or limitation?
  • Photography as life

Published by New Acropolis India

Email: [email protected] – Web: www.acropolis.org.in

Available in other languages

Also printed in Hungarian: Lencsén át a bölcsességig,
in Hebrew: חכמה מבעד לעדשה,
in Spanish: A través del Prisma ,
in French: La Sagesse au travers de l’objectif
in German: Philosophie durch die Linse
and in Portuguese: Através do Prisma