A recurring question concerning the destiny of the current civilisation: is it falling, or are we just experiencing a temporary crisis which will be resolved sooner or later? Perhaps both are true.

The fact is that civilisations fall, History proves that. Civilisations have their cycles, they emerge, grow, reach a golden age and then begin to fall. This is absolutely normal, as everything is evolving in Space and Time – from a living being to a civilisation – everything has it’s own cycle, beginning with birth and ending with death.

And just like it is not easy to accept the proximity of our own death, it is difficult to recognize the end of the civilisation in which we evolve: we are too attached to it, too close. We sometimes lack perspective.

Just as we would wish to stop the passing of time and escape death, we wish the civilisation not to fall. But we need to follow the laws of nature, and in a way, death is nothing more than an possibility for a regeneration, an opportunity to build something better.
As time passes through us, we age, and in a moment our physical body degrades, as does our vitality and our ability to work with our psyche and our mind. Many ancient traditions understood this as a compassion of nature, helping us to accept death with serenity, and prepare for reincarnation in a new body, with a rejuvenated vitality, psyche and mind.

Our civilisation has aged and has traveled far away from it’s golden age. Of course a lot of individuals are open minded and have an open heart, but when we look with objectivity at the state of the world, do we really see an achievement of a kind of universal fraternity among human beings? Have we achieved – as humanity – a state of Unity? Are we able to use the many tools and technology in order to serve Beauty, Justice and Good? Of course not! Quite the opposite in fact, and if we are unable to look at the harsh reality, then Nature is here to remind us that we have lost our balance: pandemics and climate changes are only the first examples.

So, what can we do? What should we do? Try and stop the footsteps of nature and defy death? It won’t work, we know that. This civilisation has reach a point of no return. Sad? Perhaps.. but it’s a fact, and the sooner we accept it, the sooner we can join forces to build a better one.
From my limited experience in this life, I believe the love of wisdom – that which is called philosophy – to be the only true remedy for this situation. A better civilisation means a wiser one, it means learning from the current difficult experiences in order to build rock solid foundations. Not only new foundations, but better, who are based on beauty, harmony, justice and ethic, with respect of Nature and respect of our brothers ans sisters in humanity.