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Farewell to Purity

A woman in white and a statue soiled by pigeons. At first glance, it may be difficult to establish any relations between these two, since white has always been a symbol of purity, and dirt, well… it’s not the same.

The woman is disappearing, she is walking towards the obscure part of the photo, and we can imagine that the darkness will soon enfold her. She appears to be smaller than the statue, and by keeping on walking in the same direction, she will soon seem even smaller.

On the contrary, the statue stands firm… as a statue is supposed to be. It is not going anywhere, it will not vanish.

So, what is this all about? Purity is vanishing while the dirty stands closer to us. It seems like a representation of what is happening in too many parts of our world today, in Ecology as well as in Politics. The surrounding Nature, as well as the Human mind, is slowly becoming more like that statue…

Can we do something? Can we make a difference? I believe we can, I believe that if we really care, we can still keep seeing the woman in white and not let her vanish into the darkness. But we have to act firmly and quickly. She is already on the verge of the obscure, and we may not see it, but it seems to me that the statue is actually smiling….