From the middle of the path, we can become a link between people positioned on both sides. We can hear both, understand both – without the need to subscribe to either point of view – and often, we discover that behind a visible opposition, exists a hidden common ground.

From the middle of the path, we can offer a hand to both sides and show them that there is a space where a real dialog can take place. In order to achieve this, we must first look for our own centre. We need to find it, recognize our own convictions and then stand firm with those convictions in the centre, resisting the voices of the multiple opinions that surround us.

When our consciousness resides in our own centre, we begin to experience what is often described in philosophy as the “Path of the Middle”. It is a Path of consciousness, because our consciousness should be in constant movement forward, like the movement of Life, growing in experience and maturity, growing in perception of the reality, and understanding that each part plays a role in the essence of the Whole: no part is excluded from the path, and no part is the whole path by itself.

Thus, the only question which really matters is: How can we place our consciousness in our centre? I believe the answer is to be discovered by those who have the need to follow the Path.

If a child can sit still in the middle of a table, and become a link between people from both sides, why can’t we?