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Don’t waste your Time

Looking at this photo, I feel that we are too often like this child, waiting passively for something to happen, not being conscious that the dark clouds are gathering and the clock is ticking.

Will we have enough time the grow? Will we have enough time to make a difference before the storm comes? We need to wake-up and bring hope, creativity and innovativeness. But in order for this to happen, we need to understand that no Saviour will fall from the sky, nor will He resurrect from his ashes, and protect us under His wings.
What are we waiting for? And even more important: can we afford to continue waiting? We are already paying the price of the disasters human activity inflicts on Earth since the beginning of the Industrial Era. Not so much because of the industrial processes, but because it all span out of control, serving personal egoistic interests, instead of serving life and the entire humanity and nature. We know it. We all know this…. but nothing changes.
Before the fall of Communism and the Berlin wall, we could stick to the illusion that there were “good” and “bad” ideologies. But today, is there really a difference between the many political systems which rule the various countries of the world? Not really, since what unites them is far more powerful than what separates them. Timocracy and Oligarchy rule us. It seems like human values are gone and that is why humanity, like this child on the bridge, seems to be orphaned.

The clock is not going to stop and time is always limited. Time is one thing you can’t buy, no matter how rich or corrupt you are. Time always reaches its end, and when the hourglass is empty, nothing will stop the rain from falling out of those clouds….

But what really worries me is, that I already feel the first drops falling. The tempest is not here yet, but it’s coming… Who knows how much time do we have left…