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La Ronda

I can’t really explain my definition of harmony with words. Maybe that is why as a photographer I use images, just like a musician would use sounds.

For me, harmony in photography is to capture a dynamic movement using a single frame, and to enable people to perceive it when they look at the image. I understand harmony as life, and life is always in movement.

Life is movement, but it is not always reduced to physical movement. Evolution or the expansion of consciousness is also a movement, and it keeps us alive. It is a movement towards a better and deeper understanding of our own nature and identity. Being in movement, having a purpose, is feeling alive.

This movement takes place in space, but mostly in time. Without time, without ageing, there is no possible movement.

We need to accept the passing of time if we want to stay alive. We need to accept our age and ageing. Our materialist culture is afraid of death, and many people are obsessed with efforts to “stay young”. But being truly young is to be alive, and thus not to be afraid of the movement of life, which leads us all to death.

What this means is that death is a part of life, not apart from life. Everything that begins must come to an end as Morpheus in the “Matrix” says. Being alive is to accept death, not as the negation of life but as its natural conclusion.

He who fears death will never be truly alive.

He who enjoys life will understand death as part of the harmony of the whole.

The spiral and unceasing movement of these tango dancers is like an ode to life.